Tool Time!

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Would you like to know more about maintaining and basic servicing for your gardening tools? Well, from lawnmowers to snow blowers, and shovels to pruners, we’ve got it covered! Frank Mielnik, the maintenance man at St. Stephen Church, will show us how to properly care for tools to give them that longer life which will save you time and money! Join us Thursday, May 21st at 7pm at St. Stephen’s Club Room for our free program! Refreshments and door prizes too! Club Room is located off St. Stephen’s parking lot, located off W. 57th Street between Lorain and Bridge Ave.

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Jul-2011 Buzzy Bees Weeds
Aug-2011 Permaculture Roundup
Sep-2011 Leaves Build Low Cost Greenhouse
Oct-2011 Creepy Plants Greenhouses 101
Nov-2011 Potatoes Feeding Cleveland
Dec-2011 Christmas Trees Break-No Program
Jan-2012 Winter is for the Birds Adventures in Bee Keeping
Feb-2012 Go Bananas Cultural Gardens
Mar-2012 Ready, Set, Grow Your Dream Garden
Apr-2012 Mason Bees Outside the Box
May-2012 Take a Hike Ponds
Jun-2012 Grass Container Gardening
Jul-2012 Break-No Program Break-No Program
Aug-2012 Break-No Program Break-No Program
Sep-2012 Break-No Program Garden Structures
Creepy Plants II Mason Bees
Christmas Tree Farming!
Dec-2012 Break-No Program Break-No Program
Bird Feeders Worm Compost
Popcorn Dig In Cleveland
Terrariums Rain Barrells
Grow Plants Little Ones!
Butterfly Celebration! Butterflies and Your Garden
Take a Hike!  
Sep-2013 Leaves Seed Swap


St. Stephen’s 5th Annual Plant Exchange!

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Saturday, June 20th 10am to 1pm. If you've never been to a plant exchange before, it's a lot of fun and a great chance to get to know your neighbors, fellow parishioners and to make new friends. You can ask people questions about their gardens or yours. And of course, it’s a great chance to bring home something new for your garden. Perhaps you’ll find that special something you’ve been wanting to try! By the way- the exchanging of plants and things is free! How an exchange works is very simple. People bring plants and things that are in good condition (garden/plant oriented- pots, books, tools) and get something else in return. Bring things around 10 to 10:30am. The exchange will start shortly after that. So, when you are doing your gardening this month and next, choose some plants that you need to divide or don’t want anymore, divide and dig them out, then bring them to St. Stephen’s on Saturday, June 20th. Please label plants if you can with the name, color, mature size, sun/shade, etc. You can bring plants in just about any containers. If you use a cardboard box, please line or put the box in a heavy duty trash bag. People have used extra pots, plastic ice cream pails, large yogurt containers and the like. No one is fussy about it! If you can't bring something, you are welcome to come anyway. There usually are some extra plants and things seeking homes!


Growing the Neighborhood
is a project undertaken by the Society of St. Stephen. This project involves the repair of our parish greenhouse and the use of it to educate and involve students of Metro Catholic School, Cub Scout Pack 109, area youth and local urban gardeners in a variety of plant propagation activities.

In addition to this, there will be monthly children’s programs and evening lectures focusing on garden related topics. These will be free and open to the public. Watch for more information about these programs in upcoming bulletins.

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