Veterans and The Bells of St. Stephen
The Bells of St. Stephen were cast with the names of the soldiers who served in World War I, World War II and the Korean War. We have compiled a list of the names. You can see the whole list here. Let us know if you know any of these soldiers or have any stories you would like to share about them.
Also, we have been working to locate those Veteran's who fought for the French Liberation in WWII. read more....

There is a Story to be Told!
Welcome to the Society of St. Stephen. We are here to promote the awareness of one of Cleveland's greatest architectural treasures, St. Stephen Church. The story of the building of this church is the story of Cleveland and it's development in the early 20th century. This was the time of large scale immigration to Cleveland from Europe. As new immigrants established themselves in this country, the neighborhood church was the cornerstone of their community. The church was built with pride and craftsmenship seldom seen today.


Cleveland Mass Mob at St. Stephen The Cleveland Mass Mob XIII attended St. Stephen Church on Pentecost Sunday May 24th at 11am.
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Neighborhood Program Featured in Universe Bulletin. A very nice article was written by Jerri Donohue in the Universe Bulletin
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The Story Involves You!
Show your interest in telling the story of Cleveland and it’s earlier days by becoming a member of The St. Stephen Society. Your membership dues will help us preserve the history and culture of our foundations. Your involvement in the society will guarantee that future generations will know the “Faith of our Fathers” and the impact individuals have had on a society. Fill out the membership form and mail it in today. Click here for the membership form. (It will open in a separate window. Make sure pop-up blocker is off)

Woodwork Oiling
We will be meeting at the church on Saturday, November 14th to spend some time oiling the woodwork. All adults are welcome to come and help out. We will go from around 9am to noon.

St. Nicholaus at St. Stephen!
St. Nick visited the Children's Mass on Christmas Eve this year.
photos by Susan Wolff

Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Society will be held on November 2, 2015 in the Club Room.

Remember When?

Footsteps to God

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